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One of the most important technologies of the 21st century, nanotechnology could impact every aspect of our lives from health care to consumer products, communications, electronics, and safety.

The Nanomaterials Characterization Facility (NCF) at CU-Boulder is a facility that serves to both educate students and avail itself to a community of top-notch researchers from academia, government labs, and industry representing a variety of disciplines. Our current instruments provide the latest-cutting edge technology allowing fabrication, characterization, imaging, and probing of structures and materials on the nanoscale in multiple environments at truly affordable rates. 

For each instrument in the NCF, we offer basic user training, assisted use of the instruments, and contracted analysis of your samples by our professional scientists with several years of real-world experience.  Please visit our website to get more information, schedule a tour, or book your training.

NCF Program Manager



professors look at computer screen in front of lab equipment

Assistant Professor of electrical engineering Won Park and graduate student Jihye Ahn size up some gold nanorods for use in a screening chip they are developing for melanoma using the NCF’s field emission scanning electron microscope.

“The NCF has provided me with an amazing opportunity to work with cutting-edge nano-characterization instrumentation as well as to teach others how to use them. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with researchers from a variety of scientific disciplines―from geochemists to bioengineers―and know that everyone is getting something from the experience.”

―Jessica Rouge, doctoral candidate in chemistry and biochemistry