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The Coleman Exploratory Systems Lab houses long-term student project activities in computation, including technology projects for CU faculty to use in their teaching, applications for local nonprofit organizations, and cognitive assistive technology.

With support from the Engineering Excellence Fund the lab has recently been refurnished to serve as a design lab, operated in partnership with the Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory, that is open to all students in the college for team project design activities.

current projects

Buffalo Aphasia Naming Game for Android (BANGA) ― This system allows patients with aphasia to practice word findings on an Android smart phone. Moving this kind of therapy to a mobile phone device gives more convenience for patients, while allowing therapists to monitor patients' performance and adjust the treatment remotely.

Human-Centered Computing Professional Development ―In this portfolio-based course hosted in the lab, students work on a wide range of projects that combine development of technical skills with building professional contacts in such areas as Web application development, open source software project participation, and entrepreneurship.

                                                  Brain Computer Interfaces ― Computer science senior Aaron Cephers conducted research on brain-computer interfaces, which involved directing the movements of a robot using the power of the mind. At left, Aaron tests the technology, which transfers brain waves to the lab's "Prairie Dog" robot using a headset. >>Watch video


Will Coleman

Will Shellington, one of five interns who have participated in the NSF-funded Alliance for Advancing African American Research in Computing, stands with his poster describing his work in the Coleman Lab.

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