Complete Listing of Discovery Learning Apprenticeships
by Faculty Affiliation with a Department or Program

Please note that this list is sorted by the department or program of the faculty member offering the apprenticeship.
Students from other majors may still be able to apply for the project.
Please see the list here to view the projects sorted by the majors to which the project is available.

[Aerospace Engineering Sciences]  [Applied Mathematics]  [Chemical and Biological Engineering]
[Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering]  [Computer Science]
[Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering] [Physics]  [Environmental Engineering]
[Mechanical Engineering]  [Colorado Space Grant]  [Engineering Education]

Projects offered by Applied Mathematics

Project NameContact Name(s)Complete DescriptionRequirements
APPM - Here is another title for another job BFirst BLast
(234) 332-4123

longer description for apprenticeship goes here
must be smart must be capable

Moderate amount of supervision and interaction with others
Supervision primarily a combination of faculty and graduate students
Nature of work is primarily computer-related, involving coding/analysis
No prior work; student will be starting from basic idea

Projects offered by Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Project NameContact Name(s)Complete DescriptionRequirements
AES - Here is a long title of what this project is all about AFirst ALast
(342) 235-2346

GFirst GLast
(123) 412-4124

SFirst SLast
(342) 524-5234
Here is an even longer description of what this project is all about and I am going on and on and on and on about this.
Must be a junior; Must have a 3.5 GPA or above Must be able to work 10 hours/week fall and spring

Very little supervision; student will need to work largely independently
Supervision primarily by graduate students
Nature of work is primarily field based, requiring hands-on work in the field
Well there is some prior work here

Projects offered by Chemical and Biological Engineering

Project NameContact Name(s)Complete DescriptionRequirements
CHBE - Title of the project is as follows CFirst CLast
(231) 123-1234

Second Second
(345) 234-5234
Longer description of the project goes here
Nothing special needed here

Good deal of supervision; student will work as an integral part of a research team
Supervision primarily by faculty supervisor
Nature of work is a combination of several types of work.
Some prior work; student will build on work of others

Projects offered by Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Projects offered by Computer Science

Projects offered by Electical, Computer, and Energy Engineering

Projects offered by Physics

Projects offered by Environmental Engineering

Projects offered by Mechanical Engineering

Projects offered by Colorado Space Grant

Projects offered by Engineering Education


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