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Discovery Learning Program CU College of Engineering

The Discovery Learning Program enables students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and research skills while sharing fresh perspectives as members of integrated research teams. The discovery learning model established by the College of Engineering and Applied Science creates collaborative teams involving undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and industrial partners.

Since 2002, the Discovery Learning Center (DLC) has helped to further the deep integration of undergraduate students in the college’s research mission. DLC laboratories have taken the lead in involving undergraduates in interdisciplinary research in areas such as biorefining and biofuels, improved water filtration, micro- and nanotechnology, unmanned vehicle systems, and advanced computer technologies.

The DLC also offers opportunities for K-12 students to learn how creativity, collaboration, and research can help find cures for diseases, send people to space, and develop renewable energy sources.

Get Involved The College of Engineering and Applied Science invites you to get involved in these collaborations and innovations through discovery learning. Your support and involvement will help ensure continuing opportunities for students to work side-by-side with faculty and industry partners on ground-breaking, interdisciplinary research to better people’s lives.

students on stairs of DLC