Scheduling a Meeting
in the Discovery Learning Center


1) The room has a self-service A/V system for laptop projection. If this is your first use of the new system, please read Projection System Guide for instructions on using this system. You need to bring a laptop for presentations or to show a DVD.

2) Review the Reservation Policy to determine the earliest date you may request a reservation and ensure your event meets usage guidelines.

3) Check the availability of the facility on the DLC Calendar.

4) If it is available, complete this reservation form.

Once your information has been reviewed for completeness, and you have agreed to the usage rules, the reservation will be confirmed and you will be notified via email.

Reservation Contact:

Reservation contact's e-mail address:

Reservation contact's phone number:

Click on the calendar to the left to select
the date your event will begin.

Conference start date:  1/21/2017
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Conference end date:
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Reserving the following rooms:
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Conference/Program Name:
Expected Number of Attendees
Name(s) of Person(s) Running the Conference (if not you): (optional)

The Collaboratory uses the BuffCard reader for access to the conference room. Please provide the names and last 7 digits of the BuffCard of up to two people who will have access to and be responsible for the conference room. Your BuffOne card will be activated at least one day prior to the meeting. You should test to ensure that your access is working early in the day before your meeting.

Name of primary contact
Last 7 digits of BuffCard
Name of additional (optional) contact
Last 7 digits of BuffCard

DLC exterior doors are open M-F 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. If your meeting is outside of these hours you will need to inform JoAnn Zelasko to change the exterior door schedule for your meeting. Campus Security unlocks and locks the remaining 3 sets of shouth-facing doors on their M-F morning and night rounds.

Lobby Video Wall
(If you don't plan to use the wall, leave blank.)

If you are using the lobby and will be showing a video or slide show on the video wall, you will need to provide a separate laptop computer for your video wall presentation. Contact JoAnn Zelasko at to schedule video wall training and/or test run at least two working days before your event.

User Responsibilities
Please review and acknowledge your agreement with the following rules in order for your reservation to be confirmed:

Failure to abide by this agreement will result in a minimum charge of $100 to your department or program, up to the full cost of replacement of missing items or any additional cleaning.

All issues should be reported via email to JoAnn Zelasko. It is recommended that you print this page and use it as a clean-up checklist for whoever is responsible at the end of your event.